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See 4 Of The Best Kettle And Toaster Combo Ideas To Get You Your Heart’s Desire in 2021

Best kettle and toaster

Everyone knows, when you’re decorating your kitchen, you are going to want the best kettle and toaster combo to match!
It’s the best way to make your kitchen look fabulous.

You don’t want a black kettle and a toaster of a completely different color. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t know about you…

In this article, I’m going to show you the 4 best kettle and toaster combos that will look great in your kitchen!

My Best Kettle and Toaster Combos in 2021

BrandColorMaterialMy Rating 1 - 7Price
Smeg 2-Slice ToasterChromeStainless Steel7 out of 7 ⭐ Check Price
2 Slice Retro ToasterPutty BeigeStainless Steel6.5 out of 7 ⭐ Check Price
Electric Kettle And ToasterLight BlueStainless Steel6.5 out of 7 ⭐ Check Price
Stainless Steel Body RetroBlueStainless Steel7 out of 7 ⭐ Check Price

Kettle And Toaster #1:

Let’s start with the kettle…

The first great benefit that stood out to me was that I didn’t have to worry about the kettle over boiling, due to the automatic shut-off when the kettle is boiled or empty.

This will prevent the kettle burning out or leaking water onto the worktop.

This reduces the chance of water meeting the electric which results in electrocution!

Now the toaster…

It comes with the standard 3 function buttons to reheat, defrost & cancel.

Also, you’ll be able to get the perfect toast with the 6 shading settings.

How do you like your toast? I like mine pretty brown, so I use numbers 4 – 5.

It gives me the perfect breakfast.

Let’s see what comes with this combo…

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • 6 shading settings. (Toaster)
  • 3 Function buttons: Cancel, Reheat & Defrost. (Toaster)
  • Tough stainless steel body to prevent damage. (Kettle & Toaster)
  • Non-slip feet to prevent sliding all over the worktop. (Kettle & Toaster)
  • Automatic shut off when the kettle has boiled or it’s empty. (Kettle)
  • Removable limescale filter to prevent rust & a horrible cup of coffee/tea. (Kettle)

The Bad

  • None that I found. The combination looks good & the kettle and toaster work great!

My personal rating for this kettle and toaster combo is impressive: 7 out of 7 STAR!

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Kettle And Toaster #2:

This kettle and toaster combo have the ability to give you great pleasure in your kitchen. The toaster has extra widow toasting slots to have some awesome thick toast! Also…

Don’t worry about the crumbs that scatter all over your kitchen worktop because the Haden Dorset toaster comes with removable crumb trays to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

The kettle…

You can boil 1.7 litres of water to make yourself and visitors a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

You can also keep track of the water with the built-in 360 degree water gauge on the side. You can also be assured of the cleanest water with it’s removable filter and automatic shut-off to make life easier in the kitchen.

Keep reading to find out more…

Pros & Cons:

The Good

  • Have some extra thick toast or bagels with the extra wide slots. (Toaster)
  • Keep your kitchen worktop clean with the removable crumb tray. (Toaster)
  • Automatic shut-off system for efficiency. (Kettle)
  • Removable filter to keep the water super clean. (Kettle)
  • Keep track of the water with the 360 degree gauge.

The Bad

  • Pretty small. (GREAT if you have a small kitchen)

I couldn’t find much wrong with this combo, other than the size. They look beautiful together and my kitchen looks awesome!

My overall rating is: 6.5 out of 7 Star! (Only because of how small they are)

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Kettle And Toaster #3:

This fantastic combo is very efficient & tough!
It’s strong stainless steel body gives it that extra strength to avoid damage, hence, longer lasting! It’s also a very pretty light blue color to give your kitchen that extra modern look.

The kettle and toaster both come with some great benefits that improve your time in the kitchen.

Have a look below to see if it can help you…

Pros & Cons:

The Good

  • 3 function buttons that give you an easy experience. (Cancel, Reheat, Defrost)
  • Get your perfect breakfast with toast done how you like it. Use the 6 shading setting to brown your toast off nicely.
  • Get your smaller bread or muffins out easier with the higher lifting lever.
  • The kettle holds more water than the standard kettle. (1.8 Litres)
  • If light blue ain’t your color, it comes in 3 alternate colors. (Pink or mint green)

The Bad

  • The kettle is pretty loud while boiling.

In my opinion, this is a great combo that brightens up my kitchen.

My overall score for this kettle and toaster combo is: 6.5 Out of 7 STAR!

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Kettle And Toaster #4:

Now, this is my favorite kettle and toaster out of the 4 of my best kettle and toaster combos.

They go together like spaghetti and meatballs!

They are beautiful to look and they come with features to make your toasting and boiling experiences a pleasure.

What would your ideal toasting experience be like? What hot drink do you prefer, tea or coffee? How do you take it?

Have a look at the small section below to see if they meet your needs…

Pros & Cons:

The Good

  • Easy and efficient toasting with the 4, extra wide slots.
  • Removable crumb tray to help keep your kitchen remain clean and tidy.
  • Tough steel kettle that holds 1.7 liters of water.
  • Keep track of your water with a classy 360 degree temperature gauge.

The Bad

  • The negative points are none existent for me. That’s why it’s my favorite combo.

My overall rating of this beautiful combination is: 7 out of 7 STAR!

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My Final Thoughts

Well, we’ve come to an end of my experience of my best kettle and toaster combos.

Which combo was your favorite? Will you be trying them out? If so, which one did you like the most?

Just in case you want to jump straight back up to your favorite, here they are again:

I hope you like what you’ve seen in my post.

If you want to leave me some feedback in the comments below, that will be much appreciated.

I hope you stay safe and take extra care.

See ya soon!

And what will be the best kettle and toaster combo in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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