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Bring Summer To Your Kitchen With The Best Light Blue Toaster In 2021

Best light blue toaster

Looking to brighten up your kitchen? You’re going to need some nice, bright colors. What about the best light blue toaster? It is a beautiful summer color…

Everybody likes summer, so why not get that summer feeling in your kitchen every day.

You, and everyone that visits you will love it.

Don’t feel depressed with the dark colors in your relaxing kitchen. You don’t want black or grey in there.

I’m actually a kitchen appliance expert and I’ve studied toasters for years. I will help you discover what the toaster needs to be the perfect choice for you.

Don’t worry, I won’t show you tons of toasters.

I’ll narrow it down to my top 5 in today. Is that better?

See the table below for a quick overview…

The Top 5 Light Blue Toasters on the Market in 2021

BrandMaterialDimensionsMy Rating 1 - 7Price
KeemoStainless Steel10.2 x 7 x 6.3 inches7 ⭐ Check Price
SMEGStainless Steel12.74 x 7.6 x 7.72 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
Russell HobbsStainless Steel9.4 x 13 x 7.8 inches7 ⭐ Check Price
NostalgiaStainless Steel10.83 x 6.89 x 7.67 inches6⭐ Check Price
KeenstoneStainless Steel11.42 x 7.09 x 7.28 inches7 ⭐ Check Price

Gorgeous Light Blue Toaster #1:

The retro style of this toaster makes it very unique. The lovely, light blue color makes it stand out in your kitchen.

This incredible toaster makes your breakfast time easier than ever.

It works fast and hot. You are guaranteed the perfect slice of toast consistently.

The special features play a big part in this.

Find out more about the features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • 4 steps to success: There are 4 steps to a perfect breakfast: 1. Put in the choice of bread. 2. Choose your settings. 3. Pull down the lever. 4. Enjoy your breakfast!
  • Extra wide slots: You have 2 toasting slots that are big enough to accommodate larger bread, bagels, muffins, etc.
  • 6 shade settings: Select the setting you require to choose how dark you want your toast.
  • 3 awesome function buttons: This is what chooses the time the toasting cycle is running for. For example, a bagel will need longer to toast than ordinary bread.
  • LED indicators: The function buttons light up with colorful LEDs to make the toaster look even more pretty. It also helps you to see the functions better.
  • High lift lever: Never burn your fingers again! When you toast small bread or buns, waffles, etc, they may get snagged or they won’t pop up high enough to remove. The extra boost will lift the toasted snack a little bit further than usual to prevent this.
  • Removable crumb tray: You have the crumbs at bay in the crumb tray. They are all gathered together for easy cleaning. Just brush them off.
  • Cord storage: Convenience is a great thing sometimes. The cord has a handy little compartment underneath the toaster, that can be stored.

Learn more:

Gorgeous Light Blue Toaster #2:

Here is an aesthetic style toaster with 2 extra wide slots and is an ambassador for making the perfect toast!

You will be blown away, by the way, its features make it so great.

Find out more about the features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • Extra wide slots: Have a delicious thick cheese toastie, with the thickest toast you can imagine. This is made possible with the 2 extra wide toasting slots.
  • Automatic pop-up: When the toasting cycle has finished, your toast will automatically pop up high for you.
  • 6 Browning levels: Have your toast the way you like it. Choose a shade setting to meet your desires. 1 = very light, 6 = very dark.
  • 3 clever function buttons: Function buttons are the backbone of the toaster. They set the timer for how long you need the heat to run for. They are: Defrost, Bagel & Stop.
  • Anti-slip feet: Ensure the toaster is sturdy on the countertop when using the device. It will help brown the toast off evenly.
  • Stainless steel crumb tray: Easily washable crumb tray. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s super easy to clean.

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Gorgeous Light Blue Toaster #3:

Here is another retro style toaster that is so versatile, you’ll be overwhelmed!

It’s got a unique way of toasting. It has an old school timing device to help track your progress. Also, it has a ‘Lift & Look’ feature that lets you check your toast, without canceling the toasting cycle.

See more special features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • More than just toast: The 2 toasting slots are extra wide. They accommodate larger items like; bagels, muffins, or thick bread. This gives you the perfect breakfast.
  • Toasting timer: The timing needs to be different on different things. A bagel needs to be under the heat longer than a slice of bread.
  • Bun warmer: Keep your buns warm while you wait. The toaster comes with a bun warmer that will attach to the top of the toaster. The heat from the slots will be used.
  • 6 shade settings: Make your choice on the spot. Select how dark you want your toast with the choice of 6 settings. 1 = very light, 6 = very dark.
  • Lift & Look: Here is a very unique special feature. Russell Hobbs enables you to ‘Lift & Look’ at your toast, without canceling the current toasting cycle.
  • 3 Functions: Use the preset function buttons to help you time your toasting for incredible results.

Learn more:

Gorgeous Light Blue Toaster #4:

This new and improved toaster will blow your mind, when you see what it can do.

It has special features coming out of the woodwork.

You’re guaranteed an incredible toasting experience, with a delicious slice of toast to enjoy!

See more about the special features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • Extra wide toasting: It may be small, but it has some extra wide toasting slots to accommodate larger bread items.
  • Lit up guidance: The function buttons light up to help you see your choice. It also gives your toaster that little extra twang of beauty in your kitchen.
  • Perfect 5 shades: Use the 5 shade settings to select how dark you want your toast.
  • Easy clean up: The cleaning is super easy with the slide out crumb tray doing its part. It catches the excess crumbs for you to dispose of them easily.
  • Safe cord storage: Use the convenient cord storage at the base of the toaster. This will keep the cord from being damaged, prevent you from tripping over it & it looks tidier if it’s put away.

Learn more:

Gorgeous Light Blue Toaster #5:

The Keenstone is an easy to use toaster, with the special features to make you do nothing but enjoy!

It’s a lovely light blue color and I think it makes any kitchen look gorgeous!

You are guaranteed to get the perfect slice of toast to your perfection!

Read more about the features below…

What Makes It So Special…

Special Features:

  • Shade selection: Choose between 6 shade settings to select how dark you want your toast. 1 = very light, 6 = very dark.
  • Multifunction: There are 3 clever preset function buttons that help you on the way to a perfect slice of toast.
  • Extra wide slots: Have some thick toast 0r a bagel with the 2 extra wide slots.
  • Easy to clean: The built-in crumb tray makes the cleaning process so easy. Say goodbye to the crumbs.
  • High lift lever: Stop burning your fingers! The high lift lever will prevent this. When your toast pops, it gets that extra boost to lift up further.

Learn more:

My Final Thoughts

To summarize:

If you’ve made it this far, you will have seen my top 5 toasters this year.

Hopefully, you understand what it takes to be the best light blue toaster.

It’ll need to make your kitchen look incredible and deliver you the best breakfast ever!

If you have any questions about the 5 toasters I’ve shown you, leave me a quick comment and I’ll do my best to help.

Here’s a quick overview of my list again:

I hope you have a good time finding your new kitchen appliance. I hope it brightens up your day.

Good luck, take care and be safe!

And what will be the best light blue toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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