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Make Your Friends Jealous With The Best Lime Green Toaster in 2021

Best lime green toaster

Discover the special features of the best lime green toaster in today.

If you crave the perfect breakfast, then you will learn what you need to know here. You may even find something that you like.

If you’d like to find out what you should be looking for in a toaster read on…

I’m an expert on kitchen tools and I’ve been searching for the best toasters for years. I’d like to share some info with you that you may find interesting.

I’ll show you the top 4 lime green toasters this year. This is my own professional opinion. You can make your own choice.

Check out the table below for a quick overview…

The Top 4 Lime Green Toaster in 2021

BrandMaterialDimensionsMy Rating 1 - 7Price
SencorStainless Steel12.91 x 8.54 x 8.19 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
DualitStainless Steel10 x 8 x 9 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
Kitchen SelectivesPlastic6.6 x 4.6 x 11.2 inches5.5 ⭐ Check Price
DualitStainless Steel14 x 8 x 9 inches6.5 ⭐ Check Price

Special Lime Green Toaster #1:

This small, pale, lime green toaster looks simple, but it makes your kitchen look great and the special features are next to none!

You are guaranteed to have the perfect breakfast every morning with this flawless toaster.

The 2 extra wide toasting slots can take the thick slices of bread of the modern era and you can have yourself a bagel or 2.

See more below to learn about the special features…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • 3 Special functions in 1: This toaster uses some pretty special function buttons that light up pretty colors. There are 3 available buttons and they are: Cancel, Defrost & Reheat.
  • Perfect toast every time: The slots are extra wide, for thick bread and other breaded snacks. To ensure that they’re evenly toasted, the slots are equipped with self-centering guides.
  • Cool to touch: The toaster may get hot on occasion and it’s possible you could burn yourself on the toaster. Sencor has prevented this from happening by building it, using heat resistant material. This makes it cool to touch, so no burning yourself!
  • High lift boost: Another safety special feature. Sometimes your toast may get snagged in the slot and burning yourself while removing it is possible. They’ve prevented this also by installing a high lift lever. It lifts the toast higher, so it’s easy to remove.
  • Easy to clean and put away: The slide out crumb tray makes cleaning super easy and there is a storage compartment for the power cord. This makes it easier to store when not in use.

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Special Lime Green Toaster #2:

This large, 2 slice toaster loves to take care of you. How do you like your toast?

The Dualit always caters to your personal needs and it gives you the option of 5 shade settings.

The 2 slots can even fit a bagel inside, to give you alternate tasty breakfast to keep you guessing. This is all thanks to its super special features.

Learn more about the features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • Extra wide slots: You have 2 extra wide toasting slots to accommodate larger snacks like: Thicker bread, bagels, muffins, etc.
  • Additional functions: While using the toaster you have a few functions you can use. There is a second lever to adjust the feet. This helps youtube raise the toaster slightly higher on one side for even toasting.
  • Shade setting dial: Use the dial to select how brown you’d like your toast. You have a choice from 1 – 5. (1 = very light, 5 = very dark)
  • Removable crumb tray: Cleaning has been made easy with the removable crumb tray. This will gather the excess crumbs and all you have to do is brush them into the bin. Give it a quick wipe if you want. Job done.

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Special Lime Green Toaster #3:

This may lookin like a small, standard toaster, but the fact is, it’s an incredible toaster that still gives you an amazing breakfast.

The features are limited but the ones it does have, works fantastic and they do make your toasting experience very good.

Read on to find out more…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • Extra wide slots: Use thicker bread with the extra wide toasting slots. Each slot measures 1.5 inches. That’s pretty thick for bread. At this width, you could even toast a bagel or muffin for your breakfast.
  • 6 shade settings: Select how dark you want your toast. You can make it perfect for you. Choose out of the 6 shade settings. (1 = the lightest, 6 = the darkest)
  • Cool to touch: When using the toaster for a while, it may become hot. The Kitchen Selectives toaster doesn’t have this problem. It’s built using a heat resistant material that makes it cool to the touch. God bless you Kitchen Selectives.
  • Removable crumb tray: Keeping your kitchen and countertops clean has been made easier. This thoughtful toaster has a removable crumb tray to gather all the crumbs into one place. It’s so easy to dispose of them.

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Special Lime Green Toaster #4:

Here you have a 4 slot, classic toaster. It’s pretty much the same as the other, 2 slot Dualit on my list only, it has 4 slots instead of 2.

The specialist features are the same only they’re doubled because of the 4 slots, instead of 2.

If you’re curious, read on to see the double, special features…

What makes it so special…

Special Features:

  • Extra wide slots: This Dualit is pretty much the same as the other one in my list. The difference is, it’s bigger, with more slots. This Dualit has 4 extra slots. Imagine what you can make with 4, extra wide toaster slots. You’ll save some time.
  • Centering cage: You are guaranteed to get some perfect results. Each slot is equipped with a centering cage to ensure your toast is evenly toasted.
  • Shade setting dial: Choose how dark you want your toast with the dial to select the shade. You have the choice of 5 settings. (1 = very light, 5 = very dark)
  • Removable crumb tray: Cleaning up has been made easier with the crumbs all kept in one plate. This makes it so easy to get rid of the crumbs. Brush them in the bin and give the tray a wipe.

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My Final Thoughts

To summarize:

If you’ve made it this far, you will have seen my top 4 toasters and you may have discovered what you should be looking for in the best lime green toaster.

If you have any questions in the list I’ve shown you, or about any of the special features, leave me a quick comment.

I hope I have given you a better understanding of the required properties of a high quality toaster.

Here is my list for a quick recap:

Good luck with your new toaster in the future and I hope it’s a keeper.

Take care and be safe!

And what will be the best lime green toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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