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The Best Logo Toaster To Make Your Children Smile in 2021

Best logo toaster

Your kids will love this! I’m going to show you the best logo toaster for you to get your kids excited!

Kids like their favorite characters put on everything they own.

Why not support them and put their favorite characters on things you own too.

I’ve tried logo items in my house for my kids and I get a great response.

Check out my table below of my top 5 logo toasters.

See if any of them are your kids favorite characters…

Top 5 Logo Toasters in 2021

BrandMaterialDimensionsMy Rating 1 - 7Price
DC Batman 2-Slice ToasterPlastic9.84 x 5.54 x 6.11 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
NHL New York Rangers ProToastPlastic10 x 5 x 9.8 inches5⭐ Check Price
The Original Impression ToasterPlastic12.09 x 8.7 x 7.64 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
Wide Slot ToasterPlastic13 x 9.5 x 8.75 inches7 ⭐ Check Price
Watchmen Rorschach ToasterPlastic7 x 10 x 6 inches4 ⭐ Check Price

Logo Toaster, Option #1:

Batman is a popular figure in a child’s world. I wonder if a batman toaster will have super power also…

It depends on how you like your toast in the morning.

I have seen some logo toasters with bad a## features.

Lets see if the batman toaster is one of them…

Why It Made My Top 5 Logo Toaster


  • Gives out the bat signal: Each slice of toast pops up with bat signal on it. The kids love it!
  • Super human slots and self centering: There are 2 extra wide toasting slots that are self centering. This enables the bread to toast evenly.
  • Adjustable bat shade: You can choose how dark you want the bat signal and your toast with the 6 shading settings. (1= very light, 6 = very dark)
  • Crumb hinge: All the crumbs drop down to the crumb catcher. Release the crumb tray, using the hinge on the side for easy cleaning.

Learn more:

Logo Toaster, Option #2:

This logo toaster is for sports fans.

What sport do you like?

If you like hockey, this may be the toaster for you.

What’s your team?

I’ve always liked the New York Rangers.

Take a look at their branded toaster and see if it’s a good fit for you or a gift for your friend…

Why It Made My Top 5 Logo Toaster


  • Favorite team logo: Each slice of toast will show the logo of the New York Rangers. It’s great for team spirit!
  • 2 Slices of Greatness: There are 2 extra wide toasting slots for extra thick NY Rangers toast.
  • Pebble-dash grain on toast: Each slice of toast has a pebble dash grain effect on it to symbolise the sport.
  • Team spirit: Using this toaster in a group of friends is a great way to encourage team spirit.

Learn more:

Logo Toaster, Option #3:

If you’re looking for something unique that describes your general mood, you got it here. The “Angry Toaster” is unique but it’s also a classic.

It has all the great features of a classic toaster with the little twang to its appearance.

Let’s get down to it and see what it can do for you…

Why It Made My Top 5 Logo Toaster


  • Picture of your mood: There are 2 removable plates inside that show a print on your toast. It’s a mood you’re feeling or how you’re feeling.
  • Extra wide slots: Extra wide slots to toast your extra wide bread. You get a delicious, large slice of breakfast toast fast.
  • Crumb trays for your help: All the crumbs are caught in the tray underneath and you just slide out the tray for a quick wipe. Easy cleaning!
  • Safety clip: You’re given a free safety clip to remove and change the removable plates inside.
  • Great gift idea: This is also a great gift for a family member or a whacky friend.

Learn more:

Logo Toaster, Option #4:

This cutie pie of a toaster is going to be your daughter or a female friend.

“Hello Kitty” was in its day but some girls still like it.

See what Hello Kitty can do in the kitchen…

Why It Made My Top 5 Logo Toaster


  • Extra wide kitty slots: There are 2 extra toasting slots available to fit the thickest of breads.
  • 4 preset buttons to help kitty: It’s so easy to use with the 4 preset function buttons to complete the correct task with kitty.
  • 7 different shades of kitty: Have your toast to your desired shade with the 7 different shade settings. (1 = very light, 7 = very dark)
  • Kitty pics: Each slice of toast that pops up will have a little print of your beloved “Hello Kitty” characters.
  • Removable tray: Cleaning has never been easier with the removable crumb tray. This will catch all the crumbs and all you have to do is give it a quick wipe.
  • Cool to the touch: This is an awesome safety feature. The toaster is built using a heat resistant material, so it’s cool to touch and you won’t burn your hands.

Learn more:

Logo Toaster, Option #5:

Now we’re into the adult themes or the older teenage kids.

‘Watchmen’ is a fantastic movie that would be great with a nice thick slice of Watchmen toast.

The ‘Watchmen’ toaster will deliver the best toast from the best logo toaster!

Read more to learn more…

Why It Made My Top 5 Logo Toaster


  • Iconic image: Each slice of toast has a “Watchmen” image on it. It’s very creative.
  • Function buttons illuminate: The function buttons on the side of the toaster illuminate to make it easier to see them.
  • Glossy look: The design of this toaster is incredible. It’s got a black, glossy look to it which will make the best logo toaster stand out in your kitchen.
  • Branded: Finally… The toaster itself is branded with the “Watchmen” Logo on the side of the toaster. Very decorative.

Learn more:

My Final Thoughts

To summarize:

It’s always good to keep hold of your childhood and support your children. If you understand their favorite characters, have them placed on your kitchen equipment.

I’ve shown you my best logo toaster for this year and I’d like to hear your thoughts. Leave some feedback in the comments please and let me know what’s your favorite character as a kid?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take care and be safe.


And what will be the best logo toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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