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Get Your Breakfast FAST with The Best Motorized Toaster in 2021

Best motorized toaster

Looking for a new toaster? If so, you’re going to want the best! What about a toaster with an automatic function. It has what it takes to be the best motorized toaster out there today!

Breakfast time should be a nice, easy and relaxing time around your dining table.

Do you think it will be easy if the toaster makes your breakfast super easy to use? I think it might!

I’m an expert on kitchen appliances and I’ve been researching this kind of toaster for years. I managed to find several motorized toasters that have the potential to be the best ever!

I’d like to share my favorite 5 toasters, that I found, to make me search more. I found out that they all had some extra special features to give you the perfect slice of toast.

Check out the table below for a quick overview…

Top 5 Motorized Toaster for FAST Breakfast in 2021

BrandMaterialDimensionsMy Rating 1 - 7Price
CuisinartStainless Steel6.5 x 10.5 x 7 inches6.5 ⭐ Check Price
GourmiaPlastic5 x 12 x 8 inches6 ⭐ Check Price
BrevilleStainless Steel14.9 x 7.7 x 7.5 inches7 ⭐ Check Price
KitchenAidStainless Steel16.5 x 15.5 x 11 inches6.5 ⭐ Check Price
KitchenAidMetal11.5 x 7.8 x 8.3 inches7 ⭐ Check Price

Comfortable Motorized Toaster #1:

This modernized toaster has LED displays of the automatic settings. This enables you to keep an eye on your toasting progress.

There are several comfortable automatic functions with the Cuisinart, that make your toasting experience easy and fun!

You have a one-touch bagel function to adjust the toasting timer automatically.

Find out more about the super special features below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features

  • Stainless steel housing with motorized lift: The Cuisinart stands strong with the stainless steel housing. It also has a motorized lift feature. This automatically lowers and lifts your toast into the toaster.
  • Enhanced automatic bagel function: There are 3 automatic function buttons, including a bagel function. This button automatically adjusts the timer for a bagel. There is a beep to alert you when it’s done. Press this button to enjoy a nice crispy bagel.
  • Convenient and easy cord wrap: Keep things tidy in your kitchen easier. This toaster has a convenient cord wrap to use when you’re no longer using your toaster.
  • Blue LED backlight: The settings are all displayed on lit up the digital panel. It’s presented with a blue LED backlight.

Learn more:

Comfortable Motorized Toaster #2:

No need to manually lower your bread into the toaster anymore.

There is an automatic, motorized feature that will automatically lower your bread into the toaster.

Just apply your preferred settings and when it’s time, your delicious toast will automatically raise your toast up for you. How awesome is this!

See below for more special features…

What makes it so special…

Special Features

  • Automatically lift & lower: There is an automatic motorized feature inside the toaster that lowers your toast for you and raises it for you when it’s toasted to perfection.
  • Adjust your temperature settings: Use the temperature dial to change the heating. You can select from low to high. The higher you choose, the darker your toast will be.
  • Watch it happen: The side panels of the toaster are made from glass. This will allow you to peek at your toasting progress. If you see that your toast is already perfect and it hasn’t raised it up yet, just cancel the cycle. Have the toast to your preference.
  • Easy cleaning: Keeping cleaning to a minimum with the removable crumb tray. This will automatically collect the excess crumbs for you to dispose of them easier.

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Comfortable Motorized Toaster #3:

The Breville is my favorite motorized toaster. In my opinion, it’s the best motorized toaster you can get your hands on in 2021.

At the touch of a button, it will automatically lower and lift your toast.

Not many kitchen appliances can do this. It just makes your cooking super easy, with fewer mistakes possible.

Learn more below and be amazed…

What makes it so special…

Special Features

  • Automatically lower & lift: Place your bread into the slots and at the touch of a button, it will automatically lower your bread into the toaster. When the toasting cycle has finished, it will automatically be lifted up for you. How great is this?
  • Extra long & wide slots: You have 2 slots that can accommodate 4 slices. Each slot is super wide and long. Each slot is designed to carry 2 slices of bread or other snacks like, bagels and waffles, etc.
  • Variable shade settings: Use the slider to select the shade you’d like for your toast. The slider goes from 1 – 5 and the higher the number, the longer you toast. (1 = very light toast, 5 = very dark toast)
  • Pretty LED buttons: The 5 automatic function buttons are lit up with pretty LED lights. It makes Breville look beautiful.
  • ‘Lift & Look’ & ‘A bit more’: As mentioned above, there are 5 automatic function buttons to make your toasting experience easier and more enjoyable. These buttons include: Toast/Cancel, A bit more, Bagel, Frozen, Lift & look.
  • Easy cleaning: Cleaning up the crumbs has been done for you. The removable crumb tray catches the excess crumbs and you just have to brush them into the bin. It’s as easy as that.

Learn more:

Comfortable Motorized Toaster #4:

The KitchenAid is an incredible motorized toaster. It has some crazy special features that will blow your mind! It does things for you that only a person should be able to do.

It automatically lowers and lifts your toast, automatically keeps your toast warm for you, etc. Sounds surreal doesn’t it?

Do you want to see more about this motorized genius?

Find out more below…

What makes it so special…

Special Features

  • Automatic features to blow your mind: These features are crazy! Your bread will automatically be lowered into the toaster and it’s finished, it’ll automatically lift it for you. Crazy eh? That’s not it… When your toast has finished its cycle, it will automatically keep it warm for you until you’re ready to eat it!
  • Shade selection for perfection: Have your choice of 6 shade settings. It starts at very light and stops at very dark. Which do you like?
  • 4 automatic function buttons: Your toasting experience has been made super easy with these automatic function buttons: Bagel, Frozen, A bit more and Cancel. These are all at the touch of a button.
  • Slide-out crumb tray: Excess crumbs are conveniently gathered in the crumb tray. You just need to slide it out and brush the crumbs in the bin. EASY PEASY!

Learn more:

Comfortable Motorized Toaster #5:

This excellent piece of kit has a stainless steel housing, so it’s durable and designed to last you a very long time, if not forever!

It has some crazy special features that blew my mind and I’m sure they will blow yours too.

This incredible motorized toaster is a one touch button machine that automatically lowers and lifts your toast for you.

Incredible eh?

See more about this mind blowing appliance below…

What Makes It So Special…

Special Features:

  • One touch, automatic features: At the touch of a single button, your toast can be lowered into the toaster and lifts it up when the cycle has finished. That’s super cool! What do you think?
  • Extra wide slots: Your 2 toasting slots measure 1.5 inches wide. This is wide enough for larger breaded snacks like; bagels, muffins, croissants, waffles, etc.
  • LED Display: When you have selected your desired settings, they will be displayed on the digital display. This will help you keep track of your progress.
  • 5 Automatic functions: These preset function buttons are super easy to use and they make your toasting experience simple. The buttons are: Defrost, Reheat, Bagel, Keep warm and of course, Cancel. Start choosing and enjoy your food.

Learn more:

My Final Thoughts

To summarize:

If you’ve made it this far, you will have seen my top 5 suggestions that I think have what it takes to be the best motorized toaster on the market today.

Hopeful you understand what to look for when looking for your new toaster. I tried to show you some special features that you may be aware of.

If you have any questions or you need any more info on what a perfect toaster should have, leave me a quick comment.

Here’s a quick reminder of my top 5 motorized toasters that you may enjoy:

Good look with your search for your favorite toaster. Maybe my favorite will be yours.

Take care and be safe!

And what will be the best motorized toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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