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The Best Toastie Maker with Removable Plates to make cleaning SUPER SIMPLE in 2021!

Best toastie maker with removable plates

Who loves a delicious toastie that is made QUICK and EASY, but you hate the cleaning part? If that’s you, you are looking for the best toastie maker with removable plates to make the cleaning part super simple.

Nobody likes cleaning with a full tummy, so it’s much easier to change the plates each time you cook and wash them when you get a chance.

This is a more relaxing way to enjoy your cooking experience.

I’d like to help you find your dream machine.

I’ll show you the top 5 toastie makers that are efficient and easy to use.

See the table below for a quick overview…

My Top 5 Toastie Makers with Removable Plates In 2021

BrandMaterialDimensionsMy Rating 1 - 7Price
Ovente Electric Indoor Sandwich GrillStainless Steel11.42 x 7.12 x 4.76 inches6⭐ Check Price
3-in-1 Waffle MakerStainless Steel14 x 13.1 x 6.2 inches6.5 ⭐ Check Price
Grill & BroilStainless Steel15.75 x 15.35 x 6.1 inches7 ⭐ Check Price
ZZ Breakfast Sandwich MakerStainless Steel9.1 x 8.8 x 3.2 inches6.5 ⭐ Check Price
Mini Waffle MakerStainless Steel11.42 x 7.32 x 5.75 inches6⭐ Check Price

Toastie Maker with Removable Plates #1:

Here is a 3-in-1 sandwich maker, waffle maker and grilling machine. Have your choice of food with the interchangeable plates. This will allow you to remove them each time and wash them easily.

Let’s see what this kitchen tool can do…

Why It’s So Special…


  • 3-in-1 Removable plates: Don’t have the same food every day. You can use these interchangeable plates for a selection of different snacks, like: Sandwich, waffles and grills.
  • Fast and efficient: Don’t be late for work again. This machine heats up very quickly, so you’ll be eating your breakfast in no time!
  • Convenient LED’s: Know where you’re up to. There are 2 convenient LED lights that indicate what status the sandwich maker is at. Red light = Switched on and Pre-heating, Greenlight = You’re good to go.
  • Super easy cleaning: Cleaning has never been easier. Each of the plates is coated with a non stick layer, so removing them is super easy and all you have to do is, wipe them over.
  • Your safety in mind: Burning yourself is usually a big problem with these machines. Not this time! The handle is created with a cool to the touch element to prevent this.


  • Slow: The device works great but it takes some time to warm up for your grilling and toasting.

Learn more:

Toastie Maker with Removable Plates #2:

Cooking breakfast for your family has been made super easy with this 3-in-1 waffle maker. Everything about this device is really easy. Cooking is quick and easy, so is cleaning. Cleaning is usually the part that people hate. Not this time!

Let’s bring the barbeque inside your kitchen. The features say it all.

See more below…

Why It’s So Special…


  • Versatile, 3-in-1 machine: This versatile device is also a 3-in-1 masterpiece. You can cook delicious sandwiches, waffles or you can fry up some eggs and bacon. The choice is yours.
  • Nonstick removable plates: Cleaning will no longer be a problem. The plates are removable and easy to clean. They’re non-stick, so just wipe off excess food.
  • Flexible hinge: Fancy a nice thick steak? This has been made possible with the adjustable hinge. You can change how high you need the lid to go.
  • Temperature controls: Use the right heat to cook your delicious snacks. You can adjust the heat to the right setting with the temperature controls.
  • Serves 4: The “Black & Decker” has a very large cooking area. You can cater for up to 4 separate people at once!
  • Top and bottom grill plates: The heat is distributed evenly with this device. There are both, top and bottom grill plates that have the correct heat. This prevents you from needing to turn food over.


  • Plates are not secure: The plates are wobbly at times.

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Toastie Maker with Removable Plates #3:

This is a very popular kitchen tool. The George Foreman can grill and broil and it’s a 7-in-1 cooking device.

This is the champion of the list. It’s the best toastie maker with removable plates!

Read on to learn more about this incredible device…

Why It’s So Special…


  • 7-in-1 Genius grilling machine: Cook absolutely anything you want to on the “George Foreman”. It has a 7-in-1 capability. This produces some of the best, healthy food you could dream of.
  • Broil function: Do you like things caramelized. This machine gives a broiling option, which gives you the opportunity to experience this at home.
  • Non stick durable, ceramic grill plates: The grill plates are very tough. They are ceramic, non stick plates that are strong, easy to clean and make your dreams come true.
  • Premium non stick: As stated above, the plates are non stick and easy to clean.
  • Temperature controls: Have different types of foods with the ability to adjust the temperature settings. You can have fish, which needs a lower temperature than a steak.
  • Adjustable hinge: If you crave a thick, sirloin steak, don’t worry! You can adjust the top lid to accommodate this.


  • Small: You can only cook small amounts at one time.

Learn more:

Toastie Maker with Removable Plates #4:

The “ZZ” has gone one step ahead of the “Ovente.”

Instead of 3 interchangeable grill plates, you get 4 ceramic non-stick plates! It’s so updated from other machines.

Read on to learn more…

Why It’s So Special…


  • 4 different sets of plates: Have a choice of 4 different foods. This has 4 sets of interchangeable plates. You can have: Toasted sandwich, waffles, grilled food and also, you can have an omelet. Very nice!
  • Non stick, easy to clean plates: Who hates cleaning up sticky cheese and egg? Don’t worry. The plates are non-stick and so easy to clean up afterwards.
  • Indicator lights: Understand the state of your machine for safety reasons and perfect cooking. There are 2 indicator lights that help with this. Red = Switched on and Pre-heating. Gree = You’re good to go!
  • Store standing up: The fantastic thin design enables you to save space in your kitchen by standing it up.


  • Melting cheese is a nightmare: If you decide to have a cheese toastie, be careful. The cheese will run under the plates and make cleaning a little harder than usual.

Learn more:

Toastie Maker with Removable Plates #5:

This is a mini toastie maker that can also do fabulous waffles.

It comes with 2 interchangeable non stick plates that are easy to clean.

The “HengBo” also has your safety in mind with the cool to the touch housing. This will prevent you from burning your fingers.

Why It’s So Special…


  • Fast Cooking: This machine is a fast heating machine that will have you eating your delicious snacks in minutes.
  • Easy 3 steps to use: Simple 3 steps to enjoy your food: 1. Preheat your device. 2. Load it with food. 3. Enjoy eating in minutes.
  • Removable plates: The ceramic cooking plates are removable and super easy to clean. Give them a quick wipe and move on.
  • Auto power off: An amazing safety feature. When your cooking process has finished, an automatic shutoff system will kick in.
  • Top grade non stick plates: The reason the plates are so easy to clean is simple. They are coated with a top grade non-stick layer that makes them oblivious to dirt!


  • Small portions: The grill plates are very small and you can only cook one thing at a time.

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My Final Thoughts

To summarize:

You’ve found yourself on this page because you’re looking for the best toastie maker with removable plates, or you have an interest in easy cooking and cleaning.

If you’ve made it this far, you have seen the top 5 efficient toastie makers and I hope this has helped you to understand the features on these devices.

Here are the 5 devices again:

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Take care and be safe!

And what will be the best toastie maker with removable plates in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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