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Best One Slot Toaster in 2022

Best one slot toaster

Toasters with a single, lengthy slot may revolutionize your baking experience in the kitchen. To preserve space, these toasters, which are at least 14 inches long, were created for small families and individual home bakers.

Because of this, don’t be deceived by the name (I know you’re wondering why this one slot toaster is wonderful). Even though they are called “one slot toasters,” long slots may easily hold two slices of bread. As a bonus, these slots are large enough to accommodate slices of handmade and artisan bread.

Toasted bread will be uniformly toasted regardless of the kind of bread used, unlike other toasters that leave the top half of artisan bread slices unequally toasted in other models.

Additionally, one-slot toasters conserve space. In the kitchen, they take up just a minimal space because of their slender design. And it may also enhance the visual appeal.

If you need a one-slot toaster, I’ve compiled a list of five top-rated models to assist you in your search.

Let’s get right to the point and review the top 5 one-slot toasters in the world right now.

My Top 5 Best One Slot Toaster in 2022!

Stainless Steel Toaster2.44 lbs12.6 x 8.27 x 6.69 in Check Price
Long Slot Toaster3.65 lbs16.6 x 9.2 x 6 in Check Price
Dash Clear View Toaster4.4 lbs6.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 in Check Price
Long Toaster4.1 lbs14.8 x 5.2 x 7.8 in Check Price
Kenwood Persona Collection Toaster7.05 lbs6.02 x 15.4 x 9.6 in Check Price

One Slot Toaster #1:

  • This KitchenAid KMT3115ER long slot toaster is ideal for toasting a variety of bread slices, including thick and thin slices. In your search for the finest one-slot toaster, you’ve probably come across KitchenAid products.
  • It’s hard to find better kitchen appliances than those made by this firm. Nothing has changed with this KMT3115ER. This toaster has a sleek, modern look with generously proportioned knobs and dials.
  • You’ll see a little dial on the front of the device that allows you to adjust the brightness from reheating to the darkest setting. In between the two settings, there are four distinct browning levels to ensure that you and your loved ones may enjoy their toasties to their heart’s content.
  • Toasting is only one of several tasks that may be activated below the dial, including defrosting, bagel making, toasting, and keeping your toasted bread pieces warm without overcooking them.
  • Toasters often come with a lever that you may use to drop bread slices into the appliance. The same lever may be used to raise the bread slices after they’ve been toasting well.
  • Your fingers won’t be burned if you use this method to take out your slices. Because children are more likely to injure themselves when using a toaster, this is a must-have feature.

Reasons to buy

  • The cable for the toaster may be tucked away beneath it.
  • Features an easy-to-clean detachable crumb tray.
  • Adds sophistication to your kitchen’s interior design with a modern and minimalistic look
  • Bread of any thickness and width may be accommodated in the slots.
  • You may choose from a variety of browning degrees.
  • A lever allows you to lower and raise your bread slices with ease.
  • This masterpiece’s auto-shutdown feature is one of its most appealing features. This feature will come in handy if you forget to switch off the toaster after using it.
  • It becomes much better with LED indication lights, since Salton ET1816 retails with them. Reheat, cancel, and defrost are all options on the appliance’s control panel. Thanks to the reheat feature, you can reheat your toast for as long as you want without having to re-toast it.
  • As an added convenience, the thaw button may be used after your toasties have been frozen all day to make them usable as an evening snack before going to bed.

Reasons to buy

  • User-friendly
  • Ensures perfectly toasted toast every time.
  • There are safety and jam features integrated, so you can get the job done with this toaster.
  • Cleaning the machine is a breeze thanks to the removable crumb bin.

One Slot Toaster #3:

  • This toaster’s distinctive selling point, as the name suggests, is its clear view, which you’ll notice right away. You don’t have to stop the appliance or raise the bread slices to watch how your toasties are being made.
  • The product’s easy-to-use touch buttons are also a major factor in its inclusion on this list. Using the buttons, you can reheat or thaw your food with great convenience. A safety function that automatically shuts off the toaster will also be a big hit with you.

Reasons to buy

  • There are up to seven distinct stages of browning.
  • A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included.
  • Operation is simple and fast.
  • With a transparent window, it sells.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The 120-volt, 1200-watt Russell Hobbs Glass Accent Long Slot Toaster can toast bread in six distinct hues and comes with a bagel setting. Because of its compact design, it takes up less counter space and is easy to store when not in use.
  • With this Russell Hobbs Glass Accent Long Slot Toaster, you won’t have to worry about over-browning lengthier bread slices since it’s easy to operate. Bread pieces that won’t fit in the toaster may be warmed on the appliance’s retractable warming rack. Cleaning is a breeze with the crumb tray easily removed.
  • However, keep in mind that this toaster, like other Russell Hobbs appliances, is set to the highest setting by default, so you’ll need to adjust it up before you start toasting.

Reasons to buy

  • A retractable crumb tray makes it easy to clean up.
  • There are six stages of toasting.
  • Easy to store because to its narrow shape
  • Design in stainless steel and silver that is visually appealing
  • Additionally, it has a bagel-making capability.
  • Slices of baked bread will fit.
  • This product’s stunning slender shape will have you smitten from the get-go.
  • Kitchen necessities for the ideal individualized tea and toast experience are part of the Kenwood Persona collection. Customizable preferences are made possible thanks to the settings’ fine-grained control. Using the revolutionary adjustable single toasting slot, you can toast a broad range of breads, sandwiches, and pastries to fit your specific toasting requirements. Four pre-set temperature settings eliminate the need for trial-and-error toasting and guarantee consistently delicious toast, bagels, Paninis, and croissants.
  • It also comes with a retractable warming rack that you can place on top of your toaster to warm bread items, such as buns, pastries, and even rolls.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the crumb tray easily removed. It also features a log toasting slot with enough area for two distinct bread slices to be placed side by side or for one long and tall bread slice to be placed. Since it has a blue exterior, it will go well with just about any kitchen decor.
  • For the convenience of you and your family, Kenwood Persona collection has also added a bagel option and several toasting settings. To prevent scorching your fingers, remove your toast out of the toaster using the high lever.

Reasons to buy

  • Toasting grate with a long inlet
  • A crumb tray is included in the retail price.
  • Has the ability to make bagels
  • It has a compact design that saves on storage space.
  • Multiple stages of browning

My Final Thoughts

This is the best one slot toaster for me, based on my thorough investigation: Salton ET1816. Toasting is a breeze with this toaster’s generously large and precisely sized slot. The toaster also has all of the functions essential to make it operate properly.

In addition, I discovered that it was much simpler to store and clean after usage, as well. Moreover, what will be the best one-slot toaster in the years to come? Subscribe to our blog and leave a comment if you’re interested in hearing more about this topic. I appreciate your kind words!

And what will be the best one slot toaster in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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